Saturday, September 17, 2016

Q&A: I’m trying to decide between using direct mail or email to introduce my new product. Which one will be most effective?

That’s a tough question. The best answer is both. By using both email and direct mail together, the introduction of your new product is sure to be seen by all on your list either in the mail or the inbox.

If you must choose only one, here are some statistics to consider. According to Pingdom, almost 69% of all email messages are spam. Of the 3.3 billion email accounts worldwide, 75% are registered to consumers and 25% to businesses.

Informatics professor, Gloria Mark from the University of California at Irvine, says one of the main problems with email is that there isn’t an “off” switch, meaning you don’t need to be on it to receive messages. Email piles up, waiting for your attention. This creates a backlog of email in the inbox increasing the likelihood the recipient will delete the email without opening it. According to HubSpot, email open rates are around 25%.
Contrast this with these direct mail statistics. According to the most recently-published study results, 85% of direct mail is at least skimmed before being discarded or saved.
Direct mail marketing read and response rates have been on the rise for the past ten years. One of the main reasons a person doesn’t read a direct mail piece is because of the volume received in a day. Since the amount of direct mail has decreased over the last decade, the average number of households reading their mail has increased. The study results also indicate that about 35% of people say they will respond to a direct mail piece at some point.

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