Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Press For Events

Brigid and Marya with Chip Alfred, Director of Development
& Communications at Philadelphia FIGHT’s Annual
FIGHT for LIFE Gala.
Many events include quite a few different activities. Rather than just writing one press release that lists everything, consider writing a press release for each activity.

There could be a separate story about each activity, for example: a story about how the event is organized, a story about daily contest winners, a story about vendors, a story about who the event benefits, etc.

Press releases can be sent out before, during, and after an event, each one addressing a different aspect. Newspapers and magazines are always looking for additional content, and your newsworthy events could be just what they’re looking for. The more press releases you send out, the more opportunities you have to get press coverage. The more press coverage you get, the more attention your business gets.

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