Friday, November 13, 2015

Leveraging Small Ads in Publications

A great way to get your brochure in the hands of your prospects is to place small ads in publications that you know your target audience will be reading. These are often small community newspapers, non-profit organization newsletters, or professional trade association magazines.

Provide just the key benefits and a graphic to generate interest, and offer a free brochure. List several ways to request the brochure (phone, email, text, website), and then follow up quickly, including a personal note thanking them for taking the time to request it. The note is also a good place to reference something specific in the brochure to make sure they see the most important benefits.

Those who request the brochure are serious prospects. Contacting you signifies a very powerful intent on their part. Estimates are that between 25 - 33% of people requesting a brochure will eventually make a purchase based on the brochure, providing it is well thought out and contains the key benefits.

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