Friday, September 18, 2015

Print for Web Based Businesses

Whether your company selects a marketing approach based on transactions, relationship or both, there is still a need for printed sales material to enhance the buyer’s experience.

  • If using transactional marketing, during product fulfillment, enclose new product flyers, catalogs, customer-focused newsletters, coupons or other material that will inform the buyer and spark interest in another purchase.
  • For relationship marketing, you’ll need printed brochures, product sheets, professionally printed business cards and other sales collateral material.

To build credibility with prospects, it is important that your printed sales material match your website. The color palette, choice of fonts, writing style and use of graphics should be appropriate to the medium and visually coordinated.

If you would like a graphics-related analysis of your website and printed materials, contact Brigid at 215-923-2679 or She will be happy to assist.

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