Friday, September 18, 2015

Buying Online or In Person?

According to Nelson Global Consumer Report, 83% of Americans have made a purchase online. Buyers today are faced with one key question before purchasing: Should I buy online or in person?

The answer is somewhat complicated, subjective and even scientific, according to shopping experts and studies. “The more familiar and predictable a product, the safer you are buying it online from a reputable online retailer,” according to Philip Graves, consumer psychologist and author of Consumerology: The Truth about Consumers and the Psychology of Shopping.

For example, if you knew which model of Tag Heuer watch you wanted to buy, you would purchase it online due to brand consistency. Sometimes, it’s not that simple though. “I once bought a bed online, based on the description,” Graves said. “That was a huge mistake. I don’t think anyone can adequately describe to someone else how they will feel lying on a particular bed.”

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