Friday, November 22, 2013

Twice As Effective

Creating a direct mail marketing campaign that includes e-mail outreach is becoming increasingly popular. Adding a QR code to a mail piece makes it interactive and takes the recipient to a web page for more information, to enter a contest, take a survey, or retrieve a coupon. Some QR codes make a phone number pop up on a mobile phone; by clicking, the recipient connects with the sender– effectively completing an inbound telemarketing response.

The shoe company DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) learned something interesting about its clients’ use of QR codes: men like to use them but women often ignore them. DSW found that their male clients don’t like clipping coupons from a mailer and putting it in their wallet, but they will click a QR code for a coupon that downloads to their mobile phone. Women, who are more inclined to clip and save a coupon, were less likely to use a QR code based coupon.

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