Monday, March 11, 2013

Using EDDM Regionally and Nationally

Because of the requirement that an EDDM mailing be entered at the destination post office or a bulk mail unit that serves the destination post office, it is most convenient for local mailings. However, if you need to mail regionally or even nationally, you may still be able to use EDDM by using the USPS service Priority Mail Open-and-Distribute (PMOD).

This service allows you to use Priority Mail to transport prepared EDDM mail to the destination post office. It is easy to use. After preparing the EDDM mailing for bulk mail acceptance, the mailing is put into a USPS-approved container, marked with a special barcoded label, and entered at a bulk mail entry unit. The charge for Priority Mail postage (which is in addition to the EDDM postage) is based on the weight of the mailing (excluding the tare weight of the container) using the standard Priority Mail distance-based pricing.

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