Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tradition Plus Innovation

Strategy versus tactics. The “Big Picture” rather than the details. Or more succinctly, the forest, not the trees. That’s what I keep in mind as I work on developing an effective way to market my business.

A strategy describes how to achieve an objective – in my case, how to sell something to somebody. My marketing strategy considers what customers to target (and which not), what products and services to offer (and which not), and how to do this with maximum efficiency. While I may change the tactics I use to implement my strategy (dropping word-of-mouth and Yellow Pages advertising in favor of a mobile website and Facebook page, for example), the strategy itself doesn’t change.

In this issue of CreativeBrief we present the idea that there are some basic tactics to an effective marketing strategy – tactics that may not be dazzling but are effective in implementing the strategy. In fact, you’re reading one of them right now! Let us show you how to successfully combine tradition with innovation for your marketing strategy.

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