Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 10 Most Common File Problems

Adobe reports the top 10 most common file problems when a customer submits artwork to a printer for production. At Creative Characters, we preflight all files that come to us to ensure these issues do not interfere with the production of your printing project. If we find a problem with the file you've submitted, we'll contact you to let you know so it can be corrected. The top problems are:

  1. The resolution of images is too low.
  2. Fonts are not embedded in the PDF.
  3. The wrong color space is used.
  4. The information about trim or bleed are incorrect.
  5. There is an inconsistency with the native file. The original page, as viewed in QuarkXPress or InDesign or whatever application was used for layout, looks different from the PDF. Such as hairlines might be different or gradients may have changed.
  6. A spot color is misnamed or it is accidentally converted to a process color.
  7. Images are compressed too much. This causes a quality loss and in some cases artifacts appear inside or around the images.
  8. The page size is incorrect.
  9. There are problems with transparent objects.
  10. ICC profiles are missing or incorrect