Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What Kind of Printing Do You Do?

Whenever I’m out in the community introducing myself and Creative Characters, I’m often asked, “What kind of printing do you do?” Here’s my answer: we print marketing and sales material – the items that all companies need to sell something to someone and we print functional forms and documents – the items that all companies need to do what they do, and .

Within that broad definition, we’ve developed particular expertise in printing effective marketing and sales materials as well as functional forms and documents for the medical, educational and nonprofit industries. Our expertise if based on understanding the role these items play in a particular industry, and this knowledge enables us to offer relevant, appropriate options and suggestions that you might not have considered. Sometimes we’ll offer a different product or service; sometimes we'll offer a different production method; sometimes we'll offer better pricing. 

What you can count on, without a doubt, is that we will listen carefully to your needs and recommend the solution that achieves your goal and fits your budget.