Monday, November 22, 2010

Cool Tips for Your Cell Phone

This cool tip is just in time for the holidays when many people will be traveling and away from their everyday environment. How many times have you been out somewhere and needed a phone number? Gone are the days when pay phones were on every corner. When was the last time you used a pay phone someplace other than the airport?

This cool tip allows you to avoide the typical $1.50 surcharge most cell phone companies charge for 411 directory assistance. If you need a phone number and you're not close to your computer or a phone book, use your cell phone!

Just text message a Goggle search from your cell phone! Text 46645 along with a few words or numbers about what you’re looking for, like 19107 restaurant. You’ll get a message back from Google within seconds with the results.

To get information from Google text access code 46645, from Yahoo text access code 92466 and from 4INFO text access code 44636. Don’t forget to include some information about what you’re looking for. Including a zip code or city and state can help narrow your search.

You can find more cool tips for shortcuts from Google at There’s tons of tips on how to grab all kinds of information on the run, like updated flight information or local movie times.

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